Samad IVF Hospital
Facility for Investigation at SAMAD IVF
Full investigation of male and female infertility
Hormone estimation and biochemical tests
Andrology laboratory : semen analysis under WHO criteria
Diagnostic video laparoscopy and hysteroscopy
(Surgical procedure for visualising female pelvis and uterine cavity for detection of abnormality and diagnosis.)
3D/4D colour doppler sonography:
Transabdominal and Transvaginal conventional and colour doppler pelvic sonography for infertility work-up, cycle monitoring, ovum aspiration, embryo transfer and antenatal screening.
Chief Infertility / IVF Specialist
Samad Hospitals - Thiruvananthapuram
Dr. K.N Sree Kumari DGO
Dr. P. Deepa MD,
Dip.NB Dr. Silpa Nair MD, DGO
Dr.P. Sudha Anil DGO
Dr. Prema J Kumar DCH ( Pediatrician)
Samad Hospitals - Attingal
Dr. Indira Bai DGO
Dr. Sinshu DGO, Dip. NB
Dr. Simmi Noble MBBS, DGO, DNB
Dr. Suresh MD, DCH (Pediatrician)
Samad Hospitals - Kollam
Dr. M. Nagamony DGO
Chief Urologist / Andrologist
Dr. V. Satheesh Kumar Mch., FRCS
Dr. UnniKrishnan DA
Chief Embryologist
Dr. Anu C. Mathews MBBS, MCE ( Australia)
Clinical Psychologist / Fertility Counsellor
Dr. Vinod Kumar MA, M.Phil., Ph.D
Director / IVF Co-ordinator
Dr. k.G Madhavan Pillai MD
Investigation of infertile couple
Diagnosis before Treatment : Detection of defects
Causes of Infertility
Male factor 30%. Female factor 30%. Combined factors 30%. Unexplained factors 10%.
Treatment is available for all the above factors including unidentified factors. Identifying the exact defects causing infertility is essential for treatment. These tests, investigations and procedures can be done at the patient’s country fully or partially.
Remaining tests can be completed in Samad IVF. Recent or current report only is acceptable. Diagnosis is done after the couple (male & female) is subjected to the following procedures. 1. History (family & personal)
2. Body examination (male & female)
3. Routine blood examination for screening of HIV/ Liver disease/ other infection(male &female)
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