Matha Hospital
Facilities Offered
MATHA HOSPITAL tops No:1 in all modern facilities. We boast of high standards in facilities and services. The right type of treatment at the apt time is available to you by well-qualified and experienced hands of consultants. We ensure that the patients get the best possible care from the well – trained and experienced nursing personnel. We meet your care and cure perfectly.
The excellence of Matha . . .
A multispeciality hospital with 250 beds spreaded over 9 floors.
Compact comfortable general wards with 4 beds each.
Furnished A/C & Non A/C rooms, Double room and Single room, Large room and Deluxe room (prior booking can be made).
Centrally air conditioned O.P Lounge, Theatre Complex with 6 theatres, Paediatric ICU.
Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and Modern Labour Room.
Round the clock availability of all specialties.
Well-equipped Poly Trauma Care Unit.
Regimental Neonatal ICU.
Ultrasound colour Doppler scanning facility.
24 hrs. Lab, X ray unit, Pharmacy.
Ambulance on call facility.
Computerized reception lounge and enquiry counter at your service.
Modern canteen with diet control food menu.
Hygienic and serene environment with spacious parking lot.
Department of the Hospital
• General Surgery • Gynaecology • General Medicine • Paediatrics and Neonatology • Orthopaedics • Endocrinologist & Diabetic specialist • Neurology • Dermatology • E.N.T.• Plastic and Cranio facio Maxillaary surgery • Hand and Micro-vascular Surgery • Anaesthesiololgy • Ophthalmology • Casualty • Radiologist • Dental Surgery
MATHA HOSPITAL is considered to be one of the best hospitals in Kerala in terms of facilities, medical care, panel of doctors etc. Each department is headed by doctors with a wealth of experience in their respective fields. Our Specialities are:
This happens, when the semen with no sperm, or whose testis doesn't secrete or there is block in the tube. To detect this an X-ray of the tube is taken and this is called Vasogram

This department deals with the diseases and hygiene of women.
High Risk Pregnancy Clinic :
Deals with all high-risk cases. 24 hrs care by experienced labour room staff nurses.
Delivery section:
Painless labour.
Continuous Foetel Heart Monitoring Facility.
Gynaec surgeries:
Laparoscopic uterus removal
Laparoscopic sterilization procedures
Advanced endoscopic surgeries
Separate well equipped theatre for gynaec cases.

Infertility clinic:
Artificial Insemination
Sperm Bank Facility

Doubt Clearance Cell:
Consultation for pregnant women Doubt clearance for teenagers with Gynaec problems like Dysmenorhea, Hirusuitism, Menstural irregularities, etc.

Our sub sections in paediatrics and neonatology department :
Paediatric O.P
Immunization Clinic
NICU Graduates clinic on Wednesdays
Paediatric ICU care

We offer modern equipments in the upgraded level 2 Neonatal care unit to handle the babies with:
Extreme Preterm
Very low birth weight
Twins and triplets Infants of diabetic mothers
Birth Asphyxia
Meconium Aspiration Syndrome
Respiratory distress Respiratory distress
Hyper Bilirubinemia – Phototherapy Exchange Transfusion
Special attention to babies born after infertility treatment.
Special cell working for risk mothers and for clearing their doubts.

Dr.Joseph A.Pattani MD DCH (Neonatologist)
Dr. Jobby Jacob DCH

Paediatric Urology
Paediatric Thoracic Surgery
Paediatric Gastrointestinal Surgery General
Paediatric Surgery
Paediatric Radiology
Paediatric Oncosurgery

Pedodontics-Dental care for paediatrics- is another specialty which deals with the dental problem in children upto the age of 14 years.

Pedodontics handles
1. Preventive dentistry
2. Root canal treatment for primary and permanent teeth
3. Myofunctional therapy
4. Paediatric orthodontics
5. Parental councelling for avoiding teeth decay

In the general medicine department we offer the following:
Daily morning and evening O.P.
Executive and standard health check up facility.
Hypertension and diabetics detection and control programmes.

Treatment for chronic alcoholism.
We also offer 24 hrs emergency medical units with well - equipped medical ICU.

We provide Physiotherapy Management for patients after
Micro vascular Surgery
Orthopedic Conditions
Neurological Conditions
Separate section for Paediatric Physiotherapy
Using Exercise Therapy and Electrotherapy like Short Wave Diathermy, Muscle and Nerve Stimulator, Ultrasonic Therapy, continous and Intermittent Traction etc.

In Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Department, we treat patients using physical agents like light, heat, water, electricity, mechanical agents and exercises and with minimum use of drugs.

This includes
Occupational therapy
Voccassional Rehabilitation
We manage diseases like Intervertibral Disc Prolapse, Spondylosis Backache, Neck pain and Other Chronic Pain Syndrome Stroke, TBI, Paraplegia, Quadriplegia Post Traumatic Stiffness of extremities, Surgical and Orthopaedic intervention Management of arthritic conditions Special interest in obesity management.

Oral Maxillofacial surgery consisting of facial bone fractures, cysts and tumors.

Cosmetic facial surgery
Cleft lip and plate corrections
Abdomino plasty
Cosmetic breast surgery (increasing size, decreasing size, elevation)

Special burns care unit
Ear reconstruction
Correction of eyelid abnormalities
Surgeries for removing excess body fat

Congenital and acquired deformity correction of hand and feet.
Replantation of amputated extremities.
Free flap procedures for salvage of major limb injuries.
Plastic and Microsurgical procedures to salvage mutilated limb injuries.
Reconstruction of complex fractures.
Primary and secondary reconstruction of nerve injuries and bronchial plexus injuries.

Treatment for chronic ulcers and unstable scars.
Embolectomy bypass procedures and graft procedure for limb ischaemia. Treatment for hand burns.

The facilities we provide at the orthopaedics department are:
24 hrs fracture clinic Closed treatment for fractures using C - Arm - Image Intensifier

Closed interlocking intramedullary nailing
Minimally invasive fracture fixation
Spine fracture management
General ortho
Paediatric ortho clinic
Joint replacement surgery
Arthroscopic surgery

Department of General Surgery
Trauma care and general surgery
Laparoscopic surgery

The facilities we offer in this department are:
24hrs Neuro Trauma Care Advanced Trauma ICU with ventilator.
Trauma surgery Management of bad injuries including Traumatic CSF leak, Traumatic brain injury,fracture skull etc

Hypertensive Intracerebal BleedingVascular lesions etc.
Paedtric Neurosurgery
Congenital malfunctions
Hydrocephalus Brain Tumor Spinasifida
Spinal tumor, disc and trauma surgery
Headache clinic

Clinical and Therapeutic
Endoscopic Hemostasis (Control of GI Bleed)
Endoscopic Sclerotherapy
Blue Injection
Foreign body removal
Dilatation of strictrus

General E.N.T surgery
Functional endoscopic Sinus surgery for:
Chronic sinusitis
Nasal polyposis
Direct Laryngoscopy – Biopsy
Nasal block, Nasal bleeding
Foreign body removal
Micro Ear Surgery

Advanced treatment offered for :
Vitiligo skin Micro punch skin grafting
General and Paediatric dermatology
Chemical peeling
Scar less excision
Immuno Therapy
Vitiligo medical treatment

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Temporo mandibular joint disorders, Impacted teeth and surgery, Cysts and Tumors of jaws.
Orthodontics Correction of protruded malaligned teeth Conservative & Endodontics Root Canal Treatment, Fixed Crown and Bridge, Cosmetic Dentistry.
Artificial dentures, Maxillofacial prosthese, Periodentology and paediatric dentistry.

Promoting positive mental health is important in total care. All may not be fully aware of the kind of problems we deal with.
In western countries it is regular practice to refer all suicidal attempts for psychiatric evaluation as an attempt to prevent repeating the attempt and deal with the cause, which could be an undetected psychiatric illness.
Psychiatric services in Matha includes:
Psychological and emotional problems like difficulty in concentration, memory problems, and sleeplessness.
Anxiety – tension, some type of breathlessness palpitation – heart beating fast, tremors of fingers, excess sweating, sleeplessness.
Depression – unexplainable sadness, tendency to cry easily, feels life has no meaning, suicidal ideas, lack of appetites, and no energy to work.
Psycho somatic and physical symptoms, headache.other pains without physical causes. Psychiatric illness, talking, smiling to self, hearing voices from a distance without anybody talking.
Suicidal attempts and suicide prevention.

Round the clock availability of trauma team consisting of General Surgeon, Neurosurgeon, Faciomaxillary Surgeon, Hand And Microvascular Surgeon, Orthopaedic Surgeon, Paediatric Surgeon, ENT Surgeon and Anesthetist.
Seperate theatre with all modern equipments for trauma surgeries.
Immediate attention and surgical intervention for accident victims.

Two full time doctors and 12 nursing staff for immediate care round the clock. Capable of undertaking Cardiopulmonary Resusction and management of Shock, Dehydration and Anaphylexis, Hperpyrexia, and bleeding from different site, fracture and Trauma cases. Emergencies due to Physical Agents like burning, browning, animal bites, foreign bodies, etc.are managed by the critical care unit.
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