The Trichur Heart Hospital

1) Cardio Vascular & Thoracic Surgery Department
2) Neuro Surgery
3) Neurology
4) General Surgery
5) General Medicine
6) Anaesthesiology & Critical Care Medicine
8) Pathology & Histo Pathology
9) Paediatrics & Neonatology
10) Cardiology
11) Maxillofacial Surgery & Dentistry
12) Vascular & Reconstructive Surgery
13)Gynaecology, OBST & Infertility
14) Other Departments

Dr. (Col.) P. Ramadasan MD, DVD Medical Director
Cardio Vascular & Thoracic Surgery Department
Dr. Yoganadhan Nampoothiri Ms Mch
Surgeries Done In Vascular And Thoracic Surgery Department
1 Closed Heart Surgeries (Closed Mitral Valvotomy, Patent Ductus Arterosis closure)
2 Open Heart Surgeries
3 Valve Repair and Replacements
4 Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting
5 Congenital Heart Defects Corrections (ASD, VSD,TOF, TGF) 6 Thoracic Surgeries
7 Lobectomy, Pneumonectomy, Esophageal Surgery, Thoracic Cancer Surgeries
8 Aortic and other Peripheral Vascular Surgeries (Repair of Aneurysms, Bypass for Aorto iliac block and other peripheral vascular surgeries)
Neuro Surgery
Dr. George Kovoor MS. MCh Neuro Surgeon

Surgeries Done In Neuro Surgery Department
1) Skull base Surgeries
2) Orbital tumours
3) CP angle tumours
4) Sellar tumours
5) Trans sphenoidal surgeries.
6) Vascular surgery
7) AV Aneurysms
8) Spinal Surgeries
9) Anterior cervical microdiscodectomy
10) Corpectomy with grafting.
11) Exclusive Head injury Unit with all facilities for best care & monitoring.

Dr. George Kovoor MS Mch Neurology

Department of Neuro Sciences
We have been ensuring excellent results by using new operating techniques and latest advanced equipments in this "Decade of the Brain". We with the cooperation of the Micro Surgery department were able to perform very long, Skull Base Tumour Surgery We have successfully conducted operations for Cancerous, Sinus, Tumours, Large Pituitary Tumour , vascular Malformation and other special surgeries,
1) Whole body CT Scan-Opthal microscope
2) Ventilators
3) E. E. G 4) Operating microscope
Facilities for
1) Skull base surgeries
2) Orbital Tumours
3) C. P. angle Tumours
4) Sellar tumours Trans sphenoidal surgery
5) Vascular Surgery
6) AV aneurysm
7) Spiral surgery
8) Arterior cervial microdiscodectomy
9) Cospectom with grafting

We have an exclusive Neuro Surgery theatre always ready and an exclusive Neuro ICU. We have services of an efficient Neurologist, Neuro Surgeon and also a Neuropsychiatrist and a clinical psychologist.
General Surgery
Dr. P. M. Varkey FRCP
Dr. N. P. Kamarudheen MD Gen. Med
Dr. Rajeev C., M.D. Gen. Med
All routine general surgical procedures. Gastero-intestinal Surgery - Surgery of Oesophagus. Stomach, Liver, Gall Bladder, Pancreatic, Large and small bowel cancer Paediatric Surgery - Trachicoesophageal fistula, Diaphragmatic hernia, bowel atresias, Surgery for Hirschprung's disease, meningocele
Department of Anaesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine
This department is doing a wonderful job-specially in all major surgeries. It has to its credit successful management of asthmaticus myasthinia gravis, Neurological illness involving respiratory system, metabolic diseases like Diabetics ards-embolism etc. We are well equipped with (cardiac Defibrillator, monitors, pulse oxymeters, ventilators etc. over and above well trained nurses and assistants.
Department of Pathology and Department of Radiology and imaging sciences compete each other in diagnosing each in their own field of studies and investigations, They use computerised Arterial Blood Gas Analyser, Serum electrolytic studies and other microbiological analyses. We do believe and propogate the faith that prevention is better than cure have schemes called Master Health Check up and Privilege Cards schemes under which a member can make basic" medical check up to find out how healthy he is. It offers free consultation with a specialist doctor for physical examination and further follow up in case of need. The Privilege Card offers a member all sorts of privileges and above all it offers - to pay back his membership after a period of ten years, Joining the Heart Hospital Health check club entitles the member to get life long insurance cover, for treatment of diseases and accidents in association with Oriental Insurance Company scheme at our affordable low premium
Dr. Pramod Mohan MS Ortho (P.G.I) Ortho
Department of Orthopaedics
This Department although capable to attend all sorts of fracture and correction of bone deformities, often works in a team of Micro Vascular Surgeons in case of multiplication or severe crush injuries. This department is presenting excellent track record restoring patients with multiple fractures and total hip replacement. Some of the procedures done here included interlocking nailing of femeur, Tibia. Humerus, Total joints replacement, special stabilisation and decompression etc
Pathology & Histo Pathology
Dr. Tenaz George MD
Paediatrics & Neonatology
Dr. Viswambaran MD. DCh
Dr. Shameem Majeedh MBBS DCH.
Dr. M. V. Joseph Joy MD. DM [Cardio] Chief Cardiologist
Dr. Rajiv Zacharia, MD.DM
We aim at providing the highest quality of medical care to patients. We are equipped with most modern Cardiac Catheterisation Lab - Koroskope - C which ensures detailed study of chambers, valves, coronary arteries and blood flow details.
1 Colour Echo Cardiogram
2 Computerized Holter Monitor
3 Ultra Sound Scanner
4 monitory equipments with multiple parameters and central monitory facilities
5 State of the art heart lung machine
Maxillofacial Surgery & Dentistry
Dr. Shaju George MDS
Vascular & Reconstructive Surgery
Dr. Mrs. Moly Joseph joy , MS (E.N.T), FRCS,
M.Ch (Plastic Surgery)
Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
I & II stage hypospadias repair. Cleft lip & palate. Postburns contractures, reduction mammoplasty, post mastectomy breast reconstruction. Reimplantation of amputated digits and limbs.
Microvascular Surgery
One stage microvascular free flap cover for bony and left tissue defect. Head & neck cancer surgery with one stage reconstruction. Microsurgical tubal & Vas Recancalisation. A limb, finger or member of the body which has suffered accidental, traumatic amputation can now be rejoined by microsurgery where minute blood vessels and nerves are reconnected under the operating Microscope.
Gynaecology, OBST & Infertility
Dr. V. G. Stanley MD & Dr. Niji Justin MBBS DGO
Department of Gynaecology
The Department of Gynaecology, obstetrics and infertility is doing never ever attempted complicated delivery cases other than the classic midwifery procedures, we find more and more would be mothers are opting for painless delivery. Many of our infertility clinic patients are now happy fathers and mothers.
Painless Delivery
Gynaecology Department
It is not meant, only as an easy way to give birth to a child without pain, but it also intends to avoid the physical and emotional complications and the trauma to the mother as well as to the child, at the time of delivery.
In western countries, about 85-99% of pregnant women opt painless delivery. But in India, it is not that popular, probably due to the lack of proper information or the shortage of team of well experienced doctors and nurses in this wonderful field of medicine. (But here, in Trichur Heart Hospital, we can proudly claim to have an excellent team of doctors and nursing staff) Advantages of Painless Delivery to the Mother
It helps to reduce the physical fatigue, mental tension and anxiety of the mother at the time of delivery.
In this type of delivery, the mother and the child will be more safe since it shortens the duration of the delivery. Pain- killers like 'Epidermal Analgesia' is used, which results in the effective painless contractions of the uterus and the delivery takes place fast.
It allows. easy flow of blood from the mother to the child in the uterus through the placenta.
To the Child
In this type of delivery, the child gets more oxygen, compared to the normal painful delivery. Some studies show that the children born in this type of delivery show a better intelligence than those who are born with pain.
How the delivery becomes Painless?
Special observations and discussions are offered to the couples, during pregnancy itself.
At the time of delivery, medicines are applied to the mother through epidural catheter. The condition of the mother and the child in the uterus are observed at each stage with special devices. The mother and the child will be under thorough observation constantly.
At Trichur Heart Hospital we have experts for painless Delivery. The members of the panel include highly efficient gynaecologist, well experienced Anaesthesiologist and well trained nurses.
In conclusion, an affair which used to be highly painful and messy is made a pleasant one to remember.
Other Departments
Opthalmology - Dr. Lavanya Pramod MBBS, DO
Dermatology - Dr. (Col.) P. Ramadasan MD, DVD
Gen. Surgery - Dr. Francis P.V - MS (Chief Surgeon)
Chest Diseases - Dr. Joseph Mathew MD
Radiology & Imaging Science - Dr. Priya John DMRD
Casuality - Dr. George Thomas Tharayil MBBS (Casuality Medical Officer)
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